Monday, August 30, 2010

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MindJolt Cheat Codes to get the best score possible... by cheating :)

MindJolt Bouncing Balls Cheat Code
Slow down the bouncing balls and achieve your ultimate high score on Bouncing Balls

"crazy cabbie" cheat

 bricks breaking cheat on youtube
bricks breaking cheater codes on youtube... bricksbreaking on


Crazy Cabbie is a game of speed.  You get to drive your cab as fast as possible avoiding get hit along the way.  You are a crazy cabbie driving your taxi using the maximum possible speed. Press the arrow keys to dodge other cars, accelerate and decelerate, and the space bar to jump over.

I play Crazy Cabbie because it is a "fun free game".  I really like it to waste time and play when I need to take a break and have some fun. I have one of the highest scores of all my friends.  On you can break the best score and be #1 on one of the most *fun free games* out there.  Of all the gaming categories I like "car racing" games.  I think *Car Racing* games are definitely the best fun free game.  I love all the car racing games on Bouncing Balls

 MindJolt Bouncing balls is fun ball game that can keep you busy for hours.  You can play Bouncing Balls at or on Facebook.

I like to play Bouncing Balls because it is a fun free game.. in flash.  There's also a secret cheat code you can use to slow down the game.. but I haven't used it just yet.  If you use the cheat code on Bouncing Balls you can score more points. There is a YouTube video that shows you all about it.

Whether I want to kill some time or just have fun I play bouncing balls on MindJolt and Facebook.  If I'm logged in then I can compete against all my friends for the high score!

Friday, August 20, 2010


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